Counter strike- the game that never fails to impress

If there is one game that has continued to win the hearts of gamers all over the globe from time immemorial, it is Counter Strike. When the game was first released in 1999 for Windows PC, little did people predict that it was going to be a whole new chapter in the gaming industry. This revolutionized the gaming industry with its insurmountable success. There have been hardly 4 instalments of the game released so far and that is a fact that is hard to believe. There would be hardly a player who has never played Counter Strike. Because this one has been the father of computer games and now it has evolved and grown to suit the current day audience. When CS:GO was released it again created the same magic that the very first game in the series did.

The game is now available for play not just on Windows PC but also on OS X, and Linux based computers as well as for gaming consoles like Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 among the others. This has only made the CS fans ecstatic for now there is no stopping them. The game accounts could be synced across devices and the gameplay can be seamlessly experienced.

Multiplayer first-person shooter games are pretty common in today’s game arena. But this was not the trend earlier. It was Counter Strike that came as a trendsetter. Each new instalment came with modifications to the gameplay and addition of new features. This allowed players to connect with others around the world and play in the multi-player mode to spice things up. And now with the freedom to buy gaming accounts online, you could directly start from any zone that you wish. Head on over here to buy them and play CS from a level that you might find hard to reach.

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