Portable Monitor – An Extra Window

Think about those days when you wished you had an extra scoop of ice-cream; when you wished you had an extra hour to sleep on your bed; when you wished to have an extra chocolate. It is never boring to look over the lovely days when we liked to ask for one more, please.

We, as an adult still love to have one more extra but in a different way. We like to have one more iPod (will be very happy to receive one when it is gifted), like to have one more day off after Sunday and like to have one more computer to share our computer screen during our busy office hours.

Though it does not make sense in asking for one more on everything, the last one is possible. Yes, you can have an additional screen to share your work on the computer. If you really mean it, try a portable monitor. Using a portable monitor can aid you in various ways.

Here are some of the uses of portable monitor

If you are working on a very busy project which involves working on multiple windows at a time, you can use the portable monitor to connect your PC with which you will be able to view multiple windows at a time.

You can connect your portable monitor to your PC and can watch a movie in one window while you are busy doing your work in another.

The portable monitor is of great help when viewing photos from the camera. It is not necessary for you to carry your PC everywhere just to view the photos on a bigger screen. It is enough if you connect your portable monitor to your camera.

Won’t it be really fun to watch your favorite movie without sharing the screen and headset?

Purchase your portable monitor and enjoy having one more extra window.

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