Why On Earth Are LV Bags So Expensive?

Have you always wondered why designer handbags are so expensive? There are so many replica handbag makers and counterfeit bag makers out there who recreate these luxury bags to the ‘T’. So I completely understand that you can’t help but wonder what is it that makes them so different and so worth all that money. Here are some facts about LV handbags and why they are worth your every penny.

1. Origin
LV handbags are made only in Europe and the United States but their service centers are found around the world.

2. Craftsmanship
The craftsmen have to undergo rigorous training for a year or more before they can make a bag on their own. Each bag is handmade and takes over a week to complete. Each bag lasts decades and doesn’t go out of style.

3. Materials
Only high-quality, the blemish-free hide is used and also include exotic varieties like crocodile and python skin. The canvas version is not just water repellant but is also fire-proof making them one of the most sought after brands.

4. Customer service
You will love LV’s top notch customer service where you are truly the King, or should I say the Queen?

5. Quality check
The bags go under rigorous torture tests like dropping on the ground with weights, zipper and closure tests etc. to make them really long-lasting.

6. The shocker
In the rare case that a bag is not sold, it is sent back to its original factory and shredded to keep its brand value and image.

Can I buy LV bags on a discount?

If you want to purchase an LV bag but don’t want to spend a fortune then you should find Louis Vuitton bags on sale. These are an absolute must in every woman’s wardrobe. Though hardcore fans of the brand might tell you that you can’t find an LV on sale, it is far from the truth. With many online stores today, you can find some great deals. Go find one and make it yours today!

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